Beatrice, the dynamic sister in Vienna who organized the 1st Black European Women’s Congress in Vienna last year that lead to the launch of the Black European Women’s Council that will launch in the European Parliament next month is requesting written submissions from sisters in Europe. Here are the details:

Dear All!

Thanks so much for your readiness to contribute to a written testimony of our presence in Europe from our very own perspective this time, in spite of the short deadline. Your very quick and possitive responses, fill me with pride, and the assurance, that they is the big need for us to start taking ownership of our presence and identities, contrary to what has been until now. When? if not now? Let us take the chance now. Your reactions give me the big big courage to carry on. Thank you so much.

*Here once more are guidelines for your contributions:*
*Length:* max. 6000 machine typed characters
*Language:* English
*Topic:* any, as long as it focuses on being black in Europe or the Black 1st BEWC
*Deadline:* 14th Ausgust.

Please include your short Bio not longer than 500 words and a fotograph (seize 250 dpi/ca. 3×5 cm als jpg) you would like for the publication.

For those who have already sent in their contributions, do please just send me your short Bios and the photograph.

All questions are very welcomed
Looking forward to receiving your contributions on time
Best greetings from Vienna


Beatrice Achaleke Executive Director
AFRA — International Center for Black Women’s Perspectives
Graumanngasse 7/D/1, 1150 Wien
Tel/Fax: +43 1 9660 425
ZVR-Zahl: 488597767

You can be sure that I will submit something! Will you?

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  1. This sounds very positive. I definitely plan to send something in.

    Well done for posting this, Adrianne.

  2. Great Zhana! I have to remember to make the deadline myself.

  3. nice info..:D
    keep spirit babe..:D

  4. Thanks supris!

  5. Its really wonderful to know that there are other sisters out there, in the diaspora and right here on my doorstep in Europe who interact on that level which inspires us.

    i will certainly be continuing to keep in touch with what is happening and how I can become part of that.

    So i'm going to register as we speak.

    Luv ya all!!

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