For a limited time, Sisterhood Agenda is offering FREE magazines and FREE shipping for all A Journey Toward Womanhood Curriculum Guide and Student Manual orders.

During this special promotion, each A Journey Toward Womanhood order will include:

* A Journey Toward Womanhood Curriculum Guide (for teachers)

* A Journey Toward Womanhood Student Manual (for participants)

* Two printed issues of Sisterhood Agenda Magazine

* Support and consulting services for A Journey Toward Womanhood implementation

* Free shipping What is A Journey Toward Womanhood? Specifically designed for girls of African descent ages 12-17, A Journey Toward Womanhood builds and maintains healthy self-esteem, instills cultural pride and self-appreciation, teaches life and social skills for self-sufficiency and discourages teen pregnancy, STD’s including HIV/AIDS, juvenile delinquency, school dropout, and drug abuse.

Researched and evaluated for over 10 years, some of the results are:

1. Rates of sexual activity were significantly higher among non-participants (70%) than participants (27%).

2. Participants were less likely to get pregnant as teenagers than non-participants.

3. A Journey Toward Womanhood participants were significantly more likely than non-participants to show positive behaviors, an importance of heritage, and ethnic pride.

4. Participants missed fewer days of school.

Participants say: ???I believe any young lady under the age of 21 should attend the A Journey Toward Womanhood program.??? ???Many girls feel like they can???t talk to their parents so we talk to our teacher/mentors.??? ???The A Journey Toward Womanhood program has helped me to understand my African heritage.??? ???This program has taught me how to carry myself as a young Black woman.??? ???I love A Journey Toward Womanhood because the teacher/mentors helped me to work out a lot of my problems.???

Parents say: ???The A Journey Toward Womanhood program really opened my daughter up a lot.??? ???I have truly witnessed a positive change in my daughter.??? ???My daughter would have never completed the program without the help of her teacher/mentors.??? ???Working with girls as a liaison, my girls left other programs without finishing them. A Journey Toward Womanhood is the first that the girls had ever completed.??? ???A Journey Toward Womanhood is a wonderful program that changed my daughter???s life.???

Visit the Sisterhood Agenda for more information, or contact Angela directly from that site.

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