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Summer Leadership Teleseminar Series on Black Women in Europe Social Network!

This promises to be an exciting virtual learning event! Feel free to pass the info on to any of your professional contacts who may be interested in participating.

Time: August 18, 2008 at 6:30pm
Location: Teleseminar
Organized By: Trina Roach

Event Description:
The Creating Tomorrow Summer Leadership Teleseminar Series is a selection of five; 60-minute learning events.

This week-long series is designed to provide busy business professionals a stress- free opportunity to refresh their knowledge on essential leadership theories and skills, share and discuss with their peers, as well as briefly inform themselves about the training and coaching portfolio provided by Creating Tomorrow: The Leadership Consultancy.

Each event includes:

?? A mini-presentation on the title subject (approx. 55 %)
?? Q & A session to spark further thought and discussion about the topic (approx. 30 %)
?? A preview of related open and in-house workshops conducted by Creating Tomorrow dealing in depth with the sub- ject (approx. 15 %)

Each session will be held in both English; (6.30pm – 7.30pm CET) and German; (8pm – 9pm CET).

You can register to??participate in all five evenings or book any combination of sessions relevant to your needs.

See more details and RSVP on the Black Women in Europe Social Network??events page.??

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  1. Hi! I’d love to join in on the teleseminar but cannot see the link to the registration page. Can you please send? Lisa Cooper (Black American in Norway)

  2. Hi Lisa! The very last sentence in the post contains a link for more information. It links to the Black Women in Europe Social Network. It would be great if you join the network too!

    You can also contact Trina directly:

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