Vera Sompon

“As a co-speaker of the National Association of Post-Migrant Organizations in Baden-Württemberg, the Forum of Migrants: within the overall association of the Paritarian Welfare Association and as the initiator and co-coordinator of the Afro Social Workers Forum Germany, I passionately advocate for the issues of over 300 migrant organizations at the federal, national and municipal level.

In the Kreistag, I want to give a voice to these important structures. The challenges of our diverse society require a common solution. Migrant organizations are indispensable because they need appropriate frameworks and resources to be able to contribute effectively to shaping our community.

It’s time to see people with migration backgrounds not as a problem but as partners in finding solutions. I stand for a policy that understands diversity as strength and includes all citizens.

On the 9th In June you have a choice: Support me with your vote in the district day of Göppingen. Give me your votes or vote in full for the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen Ebersbach . Your vote is crucial for an authentic, expertly based and empathetic policy.

Through my daily work, I experience the challenges of our society first hand and understand the needs and problems of our citizens better than ever before. Let’s create an authentic and fair policy together.

I am counting on your support.”

Vera Sompon

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