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About Carolyn:

An effective leader is able to inspire herself and others into sustainable action toward a worthwhile goal. More than just a skill, leadership is a mindset. As such it impacts every aspect of life, including but not limited to, the workplace.

Everyone leads every minute of the day. Unfortunately, most people lead by default, unaware of the extent to which thoughts, beliefs and values influence his/her ability to set and achieve her/his own goals and inspire others to do the same.

I work in organizations and with individuals helping them see how their current mindset affects how they communicate, their ability to set achievable goals, how to set priorities and boundaries, how to trust their decisions, focus their energy strategically to increase their productivity and satisfaction.
Clients who work with me are ready to commit their best resources – time, energy and money – to learning HOW to cultivate a leadership mindset.

In addition to authoring the memoir “Black and (A)broad: Traveling Beyond the Limitations of Identity”, I holds an MA in Latin American literature. She’s an award-winning blogger, editor, translator and international speaker. She currently resides in the Netherlands with her husband and bicultural/bilingual children, ages 13, 9 and 5.

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