We introduced you to the fabulous Power Lister Ellen Brudet several times. We met in 2006 when Coloured Goodies was in its infancy specializing in graphic design.

Ellen went on to create the first black doll shop in Europe. But her dolls are more than just dolls. They are mirrors into children’s souls. Some have skin conditions. One even has Down Syndrome. There is a breast Cancer survivor.

There are boys. Boys wearing Van sneakers. Afro hair. Braids. In sum, the dolls are amazing. Grown women purchase them for themselves. We snapped up two for the grand babies.

Ellen, in the middle, surrounded by fellow women from Suriname during the
Black Women in Europe meet up in her shop.

Right now there is a huge exhibit at the De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam about Suriname. Coloured Goodies dolls and t shirts can be found in the gift shop. Be sure to visit the exhibit and make your way by ferry from Central Station over to the north side of Amsterdam. It’s totally work going off the beaten path.

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