I’ll admit that when I first moved to Europe I thought the EuroVision Song Contest was a bit strange. I didn’t understand the voting or why Israel was a competing country.

While I still don’t understand the voting nor took the time to learn why Israel competes here (who cares, really) I look forward to the yearly competition. And after I moved to Sweden it became a tradition to watch at least the 1st and last nights of the Melodiefestivalen with friends. It’s the Melodiefestivalen, Swedish Song Contest, which decides who will represent Sweden at Eurovision.

Last year Sweden won Eurovision again with Loreen’s Euphoria which means all eyes in Europe will be on Malmö, Sweden this year when we host Eurovision. One thing I like about Eurovision is the opportunity it provides for the host countries to showcase themselves. Will be interesting to see how Sweden does this. I’m sure they will include the indigenous Sami people award-winning writer Lola Akinmade Åkerström written about.

Performers in the 1st round of Melodiefestivalen
Performers in the 1st round of Melodiefestivalen

This year I’m rooting for fellow Maishagalen award winner Mary N’diaye. She’s super talented and cute as a button and very likable.

Melodiefestivalen facts about Mary:

Mary N’Diaye – Gosa

Songwriters: John Åsgärde, Mattias Frändå and Mary N’Diaye

Mary N’Diaye makes her debut in the Melodiefestivalen (Swedis Song Contest) with a song that was written specifically with the purpose to be in the contest.

“I thought a lot about what a feeling it was I wanted to convey with the song, and it is a joy,” she says.

Above you can see Mary N ‘Diaye’s music video “Big Dreamer”.
In 2012 Mary participated in the talent program The Voice, where she made it to the semifinals, and she has also managed a career in Africa and has been opening for Akon.

I wanted to write a song that shows who I am as an artist and want to leave an impression with the audience. I want them to be happy when they have seen my number, she said.

Last year’s Eurovision Song Contest was a great inspiration for Mary.

The artists could do their thing in full. It’s almost unlimited what you might have for clothes and the dancers and the camera angles and the audience, so I felt that I want to do.

Fact: Mary N’Diaye
• Occupation: Artist.
• Residence: Stockholm.
• Grew up: Stockholm.
• Melodifestivalen Routine: Competing for the first time.

Good luck Mary N’diaye!

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