The pageant was held in Puy du Fou, in Vendée. She represents the Albigeois-Midi-Pyrénées, a southwest region of France. She became the first winner of the Miss France beauty pageant to have dual citizenship, French and American. Mortaud received US citizenship through her mother, an African American who emigrated from Mississippi to France 25 years ago, and has a grandmother who lives in Los Angeles.

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  1. how do black women in france feel about chloe's win? do they think she would have won had she not been biracial? have there been any beauty pageant winners in france and elsewhere in europe who were monoracial blacks or of mostly of african ancestry?

  2. Hi Dormi. Here is a link to the past winners of Miss France:

  3. I think Europe is finally realizing that the contestants that win Miss Universe or that make it to the top 10 are Usually from Central and South America or Spanish (Latin) speaking Caribbean whom are just mixed people Black and White. Plain White or Europeans rarely make it to the top 10. In the last 10 to 15 years there has probably been more Black Ms. Universe winners than Europeans. Lastly, the site that the other person sent you wont be much help if you can't see pictures of each contestant.

  4. sistrunkqueen

    Hi Ladies
    It is funny you asked about links on black women winners of beauty pageant. Our member Lorrain e Spencer has done an exetensive research of black women who won international beauty contest not just in the US but Latin America and Europe too.

  5. where can i see the research that Lorraine did?

  6. sistrunkqueen

    Go to Lorraine Spencer's site and ask her for the information. It is very extensive with pictures.

  7. Dear Chloé,
    I write you directly thru this site.
    My daughter is eight years younger than you and is half-caste as yourself is French-black American… and Obama is Kenyan-Black American.
    I am his father -Belgian&white- and her mother have black Congolese origin.
    Nice, you are, certainly, but beauty is relative and sincere emotion of that night you made you still more beautiful.
    People were reported yesterday in your true humanity through your sincere emotion.
    Like you and millions -maybe billions- of people around the world, I was deeply moved by the inaugural speech of Obama this night (in Europe).
    As soon as I saw you in this submerged deep and sincere emotion, I couldn’t retain my drops of joy and hope.
    Through this wonderful symbol in full harmony with the real world, I thought about my two children and all the other children whose difference is visible.
    The first half of his mandate after a state of grace will be one of the most difficult in the history of the United States.
    Maybe the only truly nice figh was his real support against AIDS in Africa.
    History will remind that George Bush was the worst president in the history of the United States… and all the compagnies he managed!
    If Obama manage America to get off this terrible legacy, he could well enter in the history as the best and most beloved of all.
    I dream of this for the Americans, for me, for you, for my children and for the world.
    I also cross my fingers for you dear Chloé.
    France also really need a symbol like you and politicians were right to invite you to this historical event.
    Dear Chloé, I wish you the best .. far beyond the year 2009.

  8. What?? There was a pure Black African Miss France at Miss World just a few years ago. I am a former Miss and I am Black and I detest people commenting on race mixing because if you are Black you are Black. Today is not like when our parents were growing up. We are beyond that stuff. Just stop the nonsense.

  9. However terms like “pure black” and “mixed race” remain among us. There is only the human race, right? The whole point of posting the story about Chloe Mortaud was to celebrate France emracing beauty of all colors (again).

  10. However terms like “pure black” and “mixed race” remain among us. There is only the human race, right? The whole point of posting the story about Chloe Mortaud was to celebrate France emracing beauty of all colors (again).

  11. In the past couple of decades there have been four non-white (for want of a better expression) winners of the Miss France title.

    Veronique de la Cruz, Miss Guadeloupe – 1993 winner
    Sonia Roland, Miss Bourgogne – 2000 winner
    Valérie Bègue, Miss Réunion – 2008 winner

    And of course Mortaud in 2009.

    Indeed Bègue made a point of being a winner who was in her own words of “mixed race” and evidence of racial diversity in France.

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