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Open letter by Chaka Artwell-Voice of Oxford

Since Mr. George Floyd joined a very long list of children, senior citizens, women, and men who have been shot to death whilst unarmed; or deliberately asphyxiated by Police Constables in England and the United State: the level of protest has shocked and surprised me.

I organised a public meeting in 2019, which attracted fifty members of the public, who were concerned that two of Oxford’s African skinned young men had lost their lives following violent arrest by Thames Valley Police Constables.  

The United States, just like England, has a long history of its public and corporate institutions being thoroughly discriminatory towards African-skin people; who are still regarded with distrust: suspicion, fear, and inferiority by many Caucasian people.

Caucasian people in the United States and England do not like being reminded of just how racist their public and corporate institutions are.  Evidence from the U.S. along with the Race Disparity Audit which was published in 2017 by the Houses of Parliament, reveals the shocking hurdles which prevent African-skinned people from being able to fulfill the content of their character.  

Having two African-skinned young men killed in Oxford 2018 following violent police arrests is shocking.  For deaths of two African-skinned young men did not attract the attention of the Elected Police Commissioner, or the Elected Councillors is deeply and sadly indicative of the institutional disregard these elected public figures have towards non-Caucasian people in Oxford.  

Justice is the demand from all of England’s African skinned people.  Justice to believe that public and corporate employers will not disregard their applications because of the colour of their African-skin. 

England’s and America’s African-skinned people do not want Police Constables; Doctors in psychiatric units, shop and club security guards, academics and teachers, the clergy, the Judiciary, the Crown Prosecution Service, the press and Journalists, the Home Office and Parliament to become automatically distrusting, disbelieving or more willing to judge negatively England’s African skin Subjects.  

England’s African-skinned Subjects would welcome a way of preventing the Police Constables from automatically becoming overtly violent and aggressive because they are fearful of our African-skin and loud and direct form of speaking.  

England’s African-skinned people need to know that when Police injustice and death occurs, the family of the deceased will be granted justice without having to wage a long and protracted struggle against the Police; the Judiciary, the Coroner, the Press, and the Crown Prosecution Service all of whom all tend to close ranks in defence of the Caucasian power structure.    

All African-skinned people are calling for is Justice.

Today’s news has scared me. 

 I am scared because the demand for statues to be removed has become a bigger news story than the demand for Justice for people slain by Police violence.  Having attended the march in Oxford, I am also fearful the surprise support from Caucasian people will harm and subvert African-skinned people’s demand for institutional Justice for the slain.

Liberal Caucasian middle-class left-wing people still do not understand or accept that their “class struggle” explanation for all of the capitalist Christian Caucasian society’s failings offers no solution for African-skinned people injustice.  England’s justice disparity is caused by skin-colour discrimination and racism and not because of the “class.”   Billionaire Oprah has complained of being treated less-well in fashionable shops, although her wealth and connections place her among the global one percent.  For African-skin people in Caucasian societies, there is only one class and it is defined by the colour of one’s skin.

The Caucasian Liberal Left have weaponised the demand for “Equality, Inclusion & Diversity” to content with other issues. 

  African-skinned people can never be “equal” too Caucasian people because we have different histories.   When Caucasian liberal talk about “inclusion” they concentrate on women and LGBTQIA people.   When liberal Caucasian talk about “diversity” they tend to concentrate on women and LGBTQIA people. 

 For these reasons I am frightened that Caucasian liberals will subvert the African-skinned people demand Justice into a vehicle for achieving Caucasian Liberal left-wing anti-family, anti-monarchy, anti-English traditional values campaign and destroying national monuments.  

I understand why some African-skinned people have been calling for Bristol’s statue of Mr. Edward Colston, and Oxford’s Cecil Rhodes to be removed for years. 

 These particular gentlemen were directly involved in the vile abuse of thousands of African people.  

However, I am afraid the demand for the removal of statues is being used by Left-wing Caucasian campaigners to subvert African-skinned people’s call for justice for Mr. George Floyd and the many other African-skinned people who have lost their lives due to police violence.  

To my shock, the BBC reported today that “Black Lives Matters campaigners called for Poole’s statue of Robert Baden-Powell to be removed.” 

English Caucasian people are right to feel that African-skinned people are removing their historical character, like Mr. Baden-Powell just because they are Caucasian.  There is little justification for demanding the removal of Mr. Baden Powell’s statue in Poole Dorset.

I believe the Left-wing and the BBC are using the “black Lives Matters” campaign to attack Mr. Baden-Powell, who is regarded by the Liberal Caucasian Left as a symbol of the English Empire and patriotism which the political Left hates. 

Indeed, I am suspicious of the large numbers of Caucasian people who have joined the protest for Mr. George Floyd as the Caucasian people have shown little interest in the over one hundred African-skinned people who have lost their lives whilst in Police Custody in England.   

Are these large number of Caucasian people genuinely concerned to support justice demands from the Floyd family for justice?   Or have the Caucasian supporters been sent by Left-wing political groups to subvert the George Floyd justice campaign into a weapon to destroy western Caucasian European historical characters such as Baden-Powell and Winston Churchill; along with Western Caucasian Society?     

There is no benefit in having statues of slave traders removed if England’s public and corporate institutional colour injustice remains unaddressed.  

English and American demand for justice for Mr. Floyd, I fear, is now being subverted into a campaign to remove statues whilst current institutional and corporate colour injustice remains unaddressed.  

African-skinned people are in danger of being led to fight against symbols rather than colour injustice itself.

I could live with the statue of Cecil Rhodes in Oxford.  

I could live with Mr. Edward Colston, the slave trader of Bristol if English society granted its African-skinned Subjects the same level of justice granted to its Caucasian heritage Subjects.  

The General Public desperately need to be informed of the wealth created by the unpaid forced labour of millions of African Slaves held in the English Caribbean.   The profits from the Caribbean turned this English-speaking island nation into the wealthiest nation on Planet Earth.  

However, Wendy William’s report into the Home Office’s 2018 illegal exiling of English Subjects of Caribbean Heritage blames ignorance of the role Caribbean people have contributed to the English Empire’s history by Parliamentarians and Civil Servants.  Their historical ignorance of the English Empire contributed to the Home Office’s disastrous “Hostile Environment” policy.

African-skinned people are asking for Justice from the Caucasian power structure.  Giving up power or sharing power understandably fills Caucasian people with horror and fear.  African-skinned people will have to reassure Caucasian people that our demand is for Justice, not domination.  African skinned people do not want “the whip hand” over Caucasian people as Mr. Enoch Powell once predicted.   However, African-skinned campaigners must not allow the removal of statues; flags, books, Golliwogs, or comedic jokes to be used as a substitute by Left-wing liberal Caucasian “supporters” for achieving an end to colour discrimination; racism and injustice.  

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