Natalie Louise Brown

Natalie Louise Brown

Natalie Louise Brown is a woman on a mission – to motivate, inspire and uplift other women.

Natalie is the creator of the Inspired Dreams (ID – What’s Your ID?) brand which incorporates ID Media, ID Publishing, ID Education, ID Property and ID Fashion. She is currently working on the production of her new Oprah-style TV chat show ‘Time With Natalie’ aimed at educating and inspiring women to succeed in life. She is also stepping into the fashion world by creating her own unique and inspirational T-shirt range.

Natalie was raised by a single mother with four children and very little money. She moved to London aged 18 and worked in finance for 10 years. Being a creative woman with an interest in media/music/fashion she always knew her destiny and path in life would be found in these areas.

It was about seven years ago that her life started to take shape and she moved into her destiny. Using her entrepreneurial skills, she began a career in property and ended up starting her own business (ID Property), which owns a number of houses in the UK and abroad.

Her passion for media began when she started working on a number of well-known British TV shows, ie. Dr Who, Casualty, Doctors, Lewis. This experience landed her the role of presenter for UKCMC (UK Christian Music Charts) – a TV music show aimed at inspiring people through positive music. The third series is currently aired on Sky.

Natalie feels a strong desire to encourage women to find their purpose in life and make a difference in their community. Her new chat show, ‘Time With Natalie’, will focus on topical issues and encourage women to start a business and do more to help others. The show is aimed at women predominantly aged between 25-45 years old and the goal is to have it aired on prime time TV for maximum impact.

Natalie is also associated with Par Excellence magazine, which is aimed at women striving to make something of their lives.

Her dream is to see women achieve their goals and be a positive role model.

Life is not about how you started, it’s how you finish that matters!

Read the full 2012 Power List.

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