Candice McKenzie

DJ Candice McKenzie: B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary Shero

B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary

Black Women in Europe Blog™ 10th Anniversary notes:

I picked Candice to be a Black Women in Europe Blog10th Anniversary Shero for many reasons but mainly for her positive energy that I find completely infectious! I first blogged about Candice in March 2009 when I learned about her Dolly Mixes. She is known for her signature blend of house and Gospel music that makes me want to sing and dance and laugh at the same time. I also chose Candice for her drive, diverse appeal and creativity. I am thrilled to announce DJ Candice McKenzie has created an exclusive 10th Anniversary mixtape for us:

I hope you like our exclusive B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary Mixtape as much as I do. Feel free to download it, be sure to share it via Twitter, Facebook and all the other usual suspects. Leave a comment for Candice, she’s a darling.

Thank you Candice for celebrating our 10th! Thanks for being our Shero.

Here’s more about Candice:

Of Ghanaian and Jamaican descent, Candice McKenzie was born and raised in London, UK.

Candice McKenzie
Picture courtesy Candice McKenzie

She has been DJing since 1999 and plays Soulful, Uplifting, Inspirational / Gospel House Music with a sprinkle of Deep Beats.

Candice McKenzie
Picture courtesy Candice McKenzie

She has won two BEFFTA (Black, Entertainment, Film, Fashion, TV & Arts) awards for Female DJ of the Year – 2009 & DJ of the Year 2010.  She DJ’s at various club nights in the UK and Europe, and in countries including Croatia, Georgia, Greece, India, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Siberia, Slovenia, Ukraine and the USA.

Candice McKenzie
Picture courtesy Candice McKenzie

Candice also DJ’s for high profile corporate clients.  These have included T Mobile, Stella McCartney, Fashion TV, Havana Club, Smirnoff, Selfridges, Soho Gyms, Breakthrough for Breast Cancer and the BBC working as the Eurovision Song Contest UK Jury in May 2014.

Candice McKenzie
Picture courtesy Candice McKenzie

Candice presents “The Sanctified Selection” on Premier Gospel Radio every Monday 9pm – 11pm (GMT).

Candice is a vibrant, engaging, professional DJ that is guaranteed to deliver the perfect playlist for your party or event.

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DJ Candice McKenzie

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