New Year's Resolutions

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To be honest, I don’t remember ever being a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions. But I am goal-oriented. I tend to use birthdays and milestones for behavioral change. As I age, I continually reimagine myself as not only older, but wiser. “I don’t want to be (fill in the blank) years old and still doing (fill in the blank). For example, using this method, I have converted my diet to 75% vegetarian, practiced self-care and self-love consistently and completed several nutrition courses.

In the last decade, when it came to resolutions for a new year, I focused more on reflection, revamping, revising, and revitalization. This year and this decade started in the same vein. As fortunate as I am to have good health I have specific health and fitness goals to reach. What’s new for me in 2020 is seeking support in reaching these goals.

I’m giving Noom’s 14-day trial a go so I can get into the why of my what as it relates to my goals. That’s what makes Noom different. And Noom is delivered as a smart app to help you loose weight. So you’ll need a smartphone or tablet with enough storage space to use Noom.

I want to maintain my weight so I choose the “Get Fit for Good” option when I set up my Noom. Maybe you’ll want to “Lose Weight for Good” which is the other choice. In the app, I already have access to tons of recipes, articles, nutrition information and other tools to aid my success. What can happen in 14 days? I am about to find out. If you try, let me know so we can do this together.

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