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Call for Nomination for the book “100 Black European Women in Leadership” and the “Black European Leadership Award – BELA 2009”

The need to highlight, raise awareness on and to celebrate achievements and successes of Black European Women from a self-empowerment perspective has been repeated on several occasions.

It is a fact that there are many Black European Women in decision-making and leadership positions in different Member States of the European Union. However, their contributions and achievements still remain largely invisible. Therefore, AFRA and its partners think that it is high time to pick up this challenge from a self-empowerment perspective and focus on this aspect within the framework of the European Year on Innovation and Creativity 2009.

For this reason we are currently working on our next book with the title: “100 Black European Women in Leadership”. This project aims at gathering data on 100 Black European Women in leadership and decision-making positions in Europe under the following categories: Social and Humanitarian engagements, Politics, Entrepreneurship, Academics and Research, Arts and Culture, Sports and Media. The selected 100 women shall be published as an attempt to honor these Black European role models (in all their rich diversity) for their leadership activities on the one hand, and on the other hand to encourage and promote the younger generations to go even further.

We therefore would very much appreciate it if you could recommend and/or help passing on this call to Black European Women around you, whom you think definitely deserve this honor. The deadline for nominations is 20th of March 2009. An international jury is going to decide upon the 100 Black European Women to be considered in the book and the BELA Award 2009.

AFRA and its partners are organising the “European Diversity, Innovation and Creativity Week 2009” from 13th-16th October 2009 in Brussels, within the framework of the European Year 2009 on Innovation and Creativity. A high level gala evening is planned during this week to officially present the book “100 Black European Women in Leadership” and to honor selected personalities (for the first time) with the “Black European Leadership Award (BELA 2009)”- for their contributions to the promotion of the cause of Black European Women.

The “Global Diversity Award Europe 2009 2009 (GDA-EU)” takes place on the same evening after the BELA.
For further information we gladly will be at your service and are looking forward to getting in personal contact with you.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve
been waiting for. We are the change that we seek
.” (Barack Obama 2008)

Let us make a change together!

Beatrice Achaleke (Executive Director AFRA)
– AFRA – International Center for Black Women’s Perspectives
– Initiator Black European Women’s Council-BEWC
– Trägerin des österreichischen Bundesehrenzeichen 2008
Graumanngasse 7/D/1, 1150 Wien
Tel/Fax: +43 1 9660 425
ZVR-Zahl: 488597767

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