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  1. Bronzetrinity

    That makes me sick. I have to post this on my blog. Thanks for writing about this and informing us.

  2. I’ve seen a documentary by HBO on this subject. In it, an African player comes over to the sideline to take a throw-in, and while he is near the stands, he is literally deluged by bananas… I felt sick to my stomach watching it. The same way I feel watching this.

    If there are any questions why a civil rights movement is essential in America, and every other country Black people find themselves in, this video should answer those doubts.

    Grace and Peace.

  3. At some point in my life when i can travel i want to come to europe but as i do research it seems to me that europe has a huge racism problem. Am i reading in to much into it, will they be rude in the business, should i not venture to far off the beaten path.

  4. Dear anonymous,

    Europe is a mixed bag. As a black woman, my experience was different (possibly not as bad) as that of a black man I know who went to Italy the same time I did. A third of the people loved me and were fascinated by me because I was black, a third were indifferent, and a third were overtly racist.

    I went to a pizza place with a dozen associates but I and my white friend were served almost an hour after everyone else at our table. The place was playing racist music full on the n-word when we showed up, and when an associate asked them to turn it off, I guess the late service was pay-back.

    A female customer in a dress shop called me a “coonyo Americana” because she didn’t want to wait to use the dressing room I was in. An old man leaned out of his window and spat on my head when I was chatting on the street. When I looked up, he was frowning at me.

    When I walked down the street, men constantly made cat-calls that they normally make to a prostitute, even though I dressed respectfully.

    A disabled man chased me around a fairy and kept propositioning me because he assumed I was must be a prostitute and couldn’t take no for an answer.

    Sure, there were wonderful, helpful, generous people in Italy, but you have to be aware of the jerks, too.

    The black man I know who went to central Italy said he dealt with racist behavior on a daily basis.

  5. Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden

    08 05 07

    Hello there: I think your site is wonderful! I went to Europe a coupla times and didn’t experience OVERT racism, but the stares were just like WHOA! I guess staring isn’t considered rude in Prague! Anyhow, I noticed you are looking to consort with Black women in the diaspora, particularly Europe. There is a blogger named Aulelia and she has a similar mission. Her URL is I apologize if you have already connected.

    The German taunts in soccer games is not surprising. Realistically, how can one erase YEARS of indoctrination over sixty years? One CAN’T, plain and simple, which is just too bad.

    One thing about Europe as a whole that bothers me is that they have no analog to the Constitution. The Declaration of Human Rights is somewhat totalitarian imho and still, there is no doctrine of free speech.

    God bless you out there!

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