*Jena 6* National Protest & Rally || Jena Courthouse July
31st–PASS IT ON!

Justice for the Jena 6 in Louisiana

Write letters to support Mychal Bell to:

Attn: Judge J.P. Mauffray
P.O. Box 1890
Jena, Louisiana 71342
Fax: (318)992.8701

Support the Jena 6 Defense Fund

P.O. Box 2798
Jena, La 71342


National Protest on July 31st at the Jena Courthouse! Join A Caravan in your area:

Houston 832.258.2480

Baton Rouge: 225.806.3326

Monroe: 318.801.0513

New Orleans: 713.534.4021

Jena: 318.419.6441

Fort Worth: 817.386.0369

Mississippi: 601.442.4719

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  1. You know it is a shame that this is not on the news rather than the news about dogs being mistreated. We seem to care more about dogs than we do about humans in this society. Why, only because this has not changed all these years. It is still a racial country and yes blacks are not as important as dogs because whites think of their dogs as a better (thing) than they do a black man. May God help this world….I pray for this young man and I know God will help him, no matter waht white people or anyone do to him. If God is with you nothing can out do you.Justice will preveil, look how long it took them to get the kkk in Mississippi. PRAY YOUNG MAN>>ASK GOD TO COME INTO YOUR HEART AND HELP YOU IN THIS SITUATION.

  2. Hi I thought you might be interested in my interview with Alan Bean, a civil rights activist who was in the courtroom during the trial. You can listen by using the link below:

    Jena 6

    George Cook

  3. Black Woman in Europe

    Yes! Thank you very much for sharing this!

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