Invest in your health and well being and attend Shetribe’s Self-Love retreat in Ghana. Your very own honeymoon.

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Rosemary Dede is the genius behind Shetribe.

Who is Rosemary?

Rosemary Dede

Hi, I’m Rosemary Dede! I was born in Germany and grew up in Belgium. In 2013, I decided to move to Ghana to work and discover my roots. I have since moved back to Belgium and I’m living with my husband and two kids. I’ve always been passionate about helping women live their lives to the fullest and I’m an avid believer in living holistically. Experiencing these two vastly different cultures somehow fuelled my passion to connect with and support women of colour through a multifaceted social community. Shetribe was birthed into existence to create a space where our community can be together, be themselves, live optimally and inspire and uplift one another.

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This speech by our founder @rosemary.dede is truly the essence for why SHETRIBE exists. She was invited to be one of the many talented speakers @blackfemaleachievers about what self love and self care. Here, you find out what we truly think the two concepts mean to us as women of colour. Not on a superficial level, but deeply engrained into our beings and pushed through generations. If there is anything you take away from it let it be this: 1. teach your children early about putting themselves first and healthy boundaries 2. daily affirmation that “what is in my cup is for ME and what runs over is for others” 3. ask yourself daily “When I say yes to others, am I saying no to myself?” #womenofcolour #blackfemaleachievers #blackfemaleownedbusiness #blackfelaleowned #blackowned #selflove #selfcare #wellnessretreats #retreatsforwomen #retreattoafrica #manifesting #talentedblackwomen #makeyourlast100dayscount #makethelast100dayscount

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The deadline to pay is at the end of January. Be sure to take advantage of your discount code for our group members.

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