Hat tip: Lorraine Spencer

«Feathered Dreams» — is the first feature-length movie in the history of the Ukrainian film production, co-produced to be exhibited on the African theatrical market. Starring in this movie is the star of the Nigerian film market Omoni Oboli and a Ukrainian actor Andrew Rozhen.

The idea of such an extraordinary project for Ukraine belongs to the motion picture and investment company — Highlight Pictures, which has already proven itself with such feature-length movies as «Lovers in Kiev» and «Synevir».

The synopsis of «Feathered Dreams» tells the true story of Sade, a young Nigerian medical student in Kiev, who dreams of becoming a singer. She finds a way to overcome her many challenges, with perseverance, confidence in her own talent and the love and support of Denis, the sincere and good natured Ukrainian.

Visit the Feathered Dreams website for more information.

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