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Florangel Maritza Russel, Chairwoman of the Association of Black Business Women in the Netherlands (ZZVN)

Florangel Maritza Russel is the President and founder of the ZZVN Foundation. In her function she is responsible for the entire policy, the coordination of the office and discussion partner for public authorities and other organisations. In her daily life she is the manager, owner and publisher of Marrein Publications Inc, a publishing, advertising and communication company. The successful lifestyle magazine, Beauty Expressions, the first magazine on the Dutch market for the black woman, is her creation. Beauty Expressions reaches a fast growing number of readers and creates positive image for black women. Furthermore she is also the owner Floran Trading Inc. an importer, wholesaler and distributor of black hair care products for the black hair market in the Benelux. Next to that, Florangel Russel is the owner of the successful black hair hairdresser???s chain, Hair & Beauty Design Florangel.

Maritza Russel has many years of board experience. At the present she is active on the board of several organisations in the Netherlands: member of the General Board of the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam, member of the Management Advisory Board of the Wellness Foundation in Schiedam (Stichting Welzijn Schiedam), Treasurer of the Foundation “Scala” (Scala is active in the field of Emancipation, Empowerment and Training on health renewal for women), Treasurer of the Wenk Foundation (the largest Wellness Organisation in the west of Rotterdam) and vice???president of MKB Rotterdam???Rijnmond. Her goal is to make leadership and economic potential in black women in Europe more visible.

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