Jemitra Hairston is the Creative Director of the Green Doorway. She has almost a decade of experience as a lifestyle coach, massage therapist, whole foods cook, public speaker, and yoga instructor.

Jemitra holds a Masters Degree in Health Promotion from Marymount University, is a certified Thai yoga massage therapist (Touch of Asia), and a certified Holistic Health Counselor (Institute for Integrative Nutrition).

In addition to her education, Jemitra has direct experience with the healing effects of the modalities she uses with her own clients. She maintains a regular, strenuous yoga practice and eats a diet composed of organic, whole foods. As a result, she is in better health and has more energy than when she was a teenager.

Through customized holistic lifestyle programs, Jemitra serves as a guide who assists her clients on a personal journey toward attaining radiant health, finding inner balance, and unleashing their full potential. She specializes in helping people who live busy, fast-paced lives. Jemitra’s programs draw from a wide range of techniques and modalities including: Thai yoga massage, yoga, and whole foods nutritional therapy.

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