Francisca Payne

~ Be A Winner ~ There Are Two Sides of Life

Francisca Payne

Be A Winner is an inspirational and a motivational book, written to help you to understand the power of faith. In this book Francisca Payne shares a part of her own journey with the readers to show that a negative, painful and difficult past can be changed into a positive, successful and blissful life. Francisca Payne inspires everyone to look at life from a different perspective and become successful. Every chapter ends with an exercise to help the reader experience “immediately” what it means to take action in faith. This book is a “must read” for every woman, especially for Christian women!

Francisca PayneFRANCISCA PAYNE is an inspiration for almost every person who meets her. Her encouraging words bring light and hope in the hearts of those who face challenges, even the challenges which can be life changing!

Like no other she knows how frightening it can be when your life changes from one day to another.

The sudden death of her younger brother was the first challenge she had to deal with at the age of 10. Her life changed from a peaceful and secure life to a life of frustration, loneliness, anger, pain and sorrow. In her childhood and young adult life she had to deal with many addictions, such as soft drugs, sleeping pills,  sexual addiction and sexually explicit literature (pornography). These were the ways she coped with her challenges…….

Find out more about Francisca on her website.

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