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From Rotterdam to the international stage, Pam Feathers sings with soul.

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SOP artist and singer-songwriter Pam Feather (1986, Rotterdam, the Netherlands) is known for her signature sound, catchy songs and energetic performances with or without her guitar. At a very young age she already knew how to entertain a crowd with her sparkling personality and music. Influenced by the great such as Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye she performed in front of family, friends and acquaintances. At the age of 15 Pam was asked to perform in a Hip-Hop musical. She played in full theatres throughout the Netherlands and got her first experience performing in front of a larger crowd. At home things weren’t going so well at that time. Because of this situation her grandma decided to take Pam in and raise her from that moment on. Besides singing Pam got really interested in playing the guitar. Even though it was quite expensive her auntie made sure she got one. Unfortunately music lessons were a bit too expensive, and so Pam had to find her own way to learn chords and melodies. She practiced a lot and improved fast. After a while she composed her first song. It was a Shakespeare poem, which she turned into a song. She really enjoyed composing and writing songs. At that time Pam also wrote the chorus for Phone Call, the song that years later would be her debut single in the Netherlands. Meanwhile Pam entered a lot of talent nights. She went from city to city to perform with her own written songs. Which later on led her to performances at the bigger pop temples in the Netherlands like Nighttown, Paradiso, Hotel Arena, Doelen, Calypso, The Theatre of Rotterdam, Jimmy Woo and Rotown. Every stage where Pam appeared people were truly amazed by her talent. After a while Pam was invited for several Television shows such as: Reaction, F.R.E.S.H. (both from TMF), ETV, TV Rijnmond and VPRO. In 2005 came the icing on the cake when Pam performed as the support act for American soul singer Bilal, who gave a show at Off Corso in Rotterdam. In 2006 Pam ran into Marc Bien, Michel Frissen and Sunir Patel of Artistik Records. Together with this management, artist development team & label she started working on new material. Soon after that she recorded a short demo. In 2007 one of the recorded songs; Cannot Change The Weather, was named demo of the week on National Radio station 100% NL. Besides that, TV station TMF invited her again to play Cannot Change The Weather live on National TV. After that Pam started performing with a band more often and found a more adult sound. Meanwhile she finished theatre school and started a new course at the conservatory music academy in Alkmaar (the Netherlands), direction Pop.

Read Pam’s full bio on her website.

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