Looked innocent enough. Little did I know when I walked in they would be selling GOLLYWOGS!!!***!!*!

My heart sank when I spotted them. And suddenly the small gift shop felt even smaller and tight as if all of the air has been sucked out of it when I inwardly gasped. I remained cool though and, in Swedish, asked my Swede to take a picture of the Gollywogs while I continued my I’m just looking lap around the store.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a box of Gollywogs before.

Maybe it was my imagination but it felt like I was invisible, at least no one wanted to let me pass easily as I slinked around the shoppers looking at rows and rows of British beach pier souvenir junk.

We thought Eastbourne was lovely. It was. I wonder who is buying the Gollywogs, though.

So what do you do when they try to let the Gollywogs get you down? ou hold your head up high and take in the beauty that is around you. And then you go home and blog about it.




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