One of the members of the Black Women in Europe social network reached out to me with the following message I am sharing her with the hopes that you will help:

I hope this email reaches you well. I have been a member of your network since 2008 and it has been a pleasure meeting black women who dared to establish themselves in Europe. Having lived in Barcelona,Spain and based on other travels throughout Europe, I have experienced first-hand the difficulties we face with finding high-quality products for our hair. For this reason, my business partner and I are starting our company,Isabis LLC (ee-sah-bis), that will allow women of African descent(especially those living/working in Europe) to order high-quality products online without feeling like they are paying an arm and leg for international shipping!

I write to you hoping that you may encourage my fellow BWIE members to fill out a questionnaire addressing their haircare needs. I will post the link to the surveyon a BWIE and hope to also generate discussion on my website soon.Answers to this survey and the forum on our new website(coming soon) will help us better serve black women in Europe and abroad. Thank you for your consideration.

Take her hair care survey today.

Good luck Leila!

And in the meantime don’t forget you can get hair care products from Marioposa Imports.

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