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By Georgette Koning on Italian Vogue

Ovo Drenth.

Famous for
Being a model.

Distinctive features
Her smile and her glance.

Of Nigerian origin, she grew up in a village in the Dutch countryside, utterly removed from the fashion system. But her determination helped her pave her own way. “No scout has ever come to my village, so I signed for Holland’s Next Top Model and finally somebody noticed me.” She starred in the film Dusk by Erwin Olaf, the Dutch visionary artist and photographer. “It was really fun to do it. I was the main character and I was also singing so it was a really exciting job for me.”

Personal style
High heels, short hair and a bit of jewelry – always. “I never leave home without earrings.” She loves vintage clothes but what she really loves is mixing and matching, always with a personal touch. “I don’t have one style, I mix styles – or have a different style everyday – from sporty, boho-chic, classy to old school. But I always try to look unique. That’s why I also make clothes myself or customize the ones I buy. Try also to look as expensive as possible, which has nothing to do with money. It’s about materials, colors and combinations. Looking cheap is bad for your health.”

Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones and Kate Moss.

She hates
“Hard drugs, cold winters and people with a bad attitude.”

She’s said
“Try all kinds of different styles and clothes, things often look nicer on your body then on a rack.”

Favorite food
Japanese and Italian. She drinks a lot of tea and she quenches her thirst with water mixed with Elderflower essence.

May 5th.

Born in
Zuidlaren, the Netherlands.

Lives in

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