Lori van Echtelt from the Netherlands

When I use the term “Love Your Hair!”, it has two meanings to me. One is to give a compliment to a person to tell them that you “love their hair!” and the second is more of a command, “Love Your Hair!”. Sometimes we do not appreciate something until it’s gone. Ask a chemotherapy/alopecia totalis patient about the loss of their hair and they will tell you how their perspective has changed.

What would it take for you to be just happy about your hair? I think we as women are way too hard on ourselves when it comes to our hair. It is as if every strand has to be in place, every corn row has to be perfectly straight. When we look at nature, we see the scattering of flowers, they are not in perfect order but nevertheless they are beautiful.

Why not develop a quick routine to free up yourself? I do not spend hours on my hair. I started this business for the woman/man who does not want to fuss with their hair. I have an array of hobbies from knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading, studying languages…I just can not be bothered with messing with my hair for hours. It is no wonder many women become stressed out with their hair because the hair regime is too long. Simplicity=less stress=more time to do the other fun stuff in life.

Last week I opened the door to a friend. I had done my hair in less than 5 minutes and the first thing she said when she saw me was “Your hair is so cute!”. I had the biggest smile. She did not know that I took less than 5 minutes and I felt wonderful.

We are experiencing a gorgeous weather pattern here in Europe. Now is a time better than ever to simplify your routine and to love what is, so that you can spend more time enjoying life. If you want free advice, please feel free to contact me via the Mariposa Import website (www.mariposa-import.eu).

Lori van Echtelt

Lori van Echtelt is the owner and founder of Mariposa Imports (MI), based in the Netherlands. She was on the Black Women in Europe™ 2010 Power List. Mariposa Import started in February 2004. It is the first and original shop focused on curly and frizzy hair in Western Europe. MI specializes in unique, high quality, hair and skin products from America and Afrika. We only sell products we ourselves use. The products we sell do not contain mineral oil or petrolatum, ingredients which block moisture absorption by the hair. We select products is based on our personal experience and that of our friends.

Mariposa Imports

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