From France, Laura Bazile

Reason #1
As social media is so tied to the events industry, it became obvious that you would not launch any type of event without the accurate social media tool : registration, attendees follow-up, selling tickets, spreading the word … The world of social media redefines the way events profs build up meetings and shows in a “virtual” manner.

Reason #2
Being an event planner goes with (heavy) binder, key contacts, checking board … tools that are vital to be kept at short distance, all the way through up to the event and afterwards. Nowadays, an amazing bunch of wise applications makes it easier, safer and hassle-free.

While you would need to print in specific situations and/or for particular purposes, you will be able to create a calendar including time zones and alerts for your deadlines, manage sales and check statistics effortless on a day to day basis, boost promotion …. in 3 clicks or so … assuming that you define relevant social media strategy and have been taught how to use accurate tools properly.

It is a no-paper approach, constantly moving (may be at a scary speed): your “virtual” approach does not mean lack of efforts but different types of efforts, strategy and reactivity.

Reason #3
I realize that in the events industry, people (on both sides eg event planners/show organizers, and potential attendees) need to find online the “exact answer” to their questions “rapidly”. Social media provides all-in-one solutions with up-to-date tools and services. In the blink of an eye, potential attendees must get map, key dates, tickets prices, contacts, content. On the other side, we -as event profs, must provide relevant information, at the right time and in the right manner.

Well, it saves paper, time and gives your event a professional shape!

Reason #4
It opens the way to a new generation of events: webinars, virtual events … while it is not shaped for all types of industries, it allows great events to take place in Toronto with attendees based in Madrid. It means of course a good sense of organization, valuable content and well-shaped event platforms. Professionals agree about real prospects and development in the near future.

What about you? Tell me about how green your events are?


Laura Bazile is an events professional, loves travelling, meeting & helping people, and is passionate about social media, live & virtual arts, and design.

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