Black Women in Europe

Hans Jablonski, mastermind of the German “Diversity Charta” and contributor to the “European Diversity Charter” to give a luncheon Keynote at the WDLS-EU, Vienna, 11-12 March 2010


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World Diversity Leadership Summit Europe March 11-12, 2010
Hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Hans W. Jablonski – Economist M.A. – Director & Senior Consultant

Hans W. Jablonski is senior consultant and managing director of jbd (Jablonski Business Diversity).
He works for international companies with his expertise focusing on diversity & change management.
He has gained more than 16 years practical experience in people- and organisational development in different sectors.

In the course of his career, Hans Jablonski has worked as a manager in companies of various branches
(Ford: Automotive industry, BP: Chemical industry, Commerzbank: Finance). Hans Jablonski has been one of the first diversity managers in Germany. He initiated the corporate initiative “Diversity Charta” for Germany and contributes to a European Diversity Charter.

He is an acknowledged expert in his subjects. About two years ago Hans Jablonski founded his company jbd.
Since then he has consulted several companies in introducing and conducting diversity management.
Hans Jablonski is an excellent moderator for various topics addressing a wide range of target groups.

Mr. Jablonski is going to talk about “Diversity Charters in Europe – A joint venture of business and politics”.
So far, the Diversity Charter has been established at country level in France, Germany and Spain.
Although no European Diversity Charter is planned, there are ongoing activities at the European level to identify commonalities and create alignment on the Diversity Charters in these countries.

Visit for a full agenda and registration.

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