Transoceanic greetings sis!

My name is Kathryn and my good friend Miriam and I launched project Live Unchained, a collaborative global arts and media initiative for women across Africa and the African diaspora, in the United States two years ago. Since then, the project has taken us around the world and our sisters in Europe have been an important part of our growth and strength–personal and professional. You can see some of the amazing women across the diaspora that we’ve profiled and interviewed on our blog:

We’re currently in a competition to win seed money and consultation to develop Live Unchained as a non-profit organization. We deeply appreciate your support. You can learn more about the project and vote “I Agree” for Live Unchained here: You simply need to register and be sure to click “I Agree.” (Some people simply clicked “Like” thinking they had voted, but if you don’t see your name on the list of votees, the vote didn’t count.)

Receiving this award will help us to realize our potential and provide you great content and experiences.
Come April, we’ll all be winners. Please take 30 seconds to vote Live Unchained now.

Much love,
Kathryn and Miriam

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