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I asked the members of the Black Women in Europe social network who lived in the UK to share their post-riot thoughts.

I posed the question:

The fires may have stopped burning but is the public still fuming?

Two ladies agreed to share what they have written.

Zhana wrote:

It takes an enormous amount of courage to say, “we will not give in to fear. We will not give vent to our violent impulses“. But this is what we need to do. People need to stop posturing, stop pointing the finger and start using more effective methods.

Read Zhana’s full post that includes links to her prior observations and tangible solutions:

London riots 2011
Fire fighters and riot police survey the area as fire rages through a building in Tottenham, north London on Aug. 7, 2011. A demonstration against the death of a local man turned violent and cars and shops were set ablaze. (Lewis Whyld/PA/AP)

Spinster’s Compass wrote:

Whether people want to admit it or not, there are a few people in society who form a criminal element. This isn’t relegated to race/ethnicity, like some (racist & other) people insist. (Racists, who are usually idiots, will always think that a collective group are bad, and nothing will change that.) Of the few who form that element, there are a smaller number who will never “get” it, never change, and will be a part of that element for life. (Here’s a perfect example.) That handful definitely participated in the riots/looting & need to be punished harshly. As I wrote in a blog post, the criminal justice system here is too lax for my liking and, therefore, those criminals likely won’t be punished as severely as they deserve.

Read Spinster’s full post:

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