Black Women in Europe

I think reports of what life is like to be black, hot spots to visit and lastly time sharing of goods and services (swaps?)might be interesting additions.

Resolutions continued:

resolution #1

1. I resolve to give the Black Women in Europe™ blog readers and social network members exactly what they ask for.

I’ll take the information gleaned from our 3rd blog and 2nd social network anniversaries survey in 2009 and literally give my readers and social network members, who responded from Australia, Denmark, England, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Rwanda, United Kingdom and the United States, what they asked for as far as features and content.

Yvette in Greece thinks “reports of what life is like to be black, hot spots to visit and lastly time sharing of goods and services (swaps?) might be interesting additions”.

1. Thank you Yvette. Since you’ve been interviewed in our first issue you know that Black Expat online magazine is a good way to find out what life is like to be black and hot spots in cities and countries around the world. Send some interviewees my way, please! I’ll try to bring more of that feeling over here to the BWIE blog too.

Ronke asked for more information on European cities so I put the call out yesterday for more submissions.
I hope people take the time out to hit me back.

2. I setup a Barter group in the Women of the African Diaspora Social Network to facilitate the trading of our goods and services with sisters around the world.

Sisters in Europe are invited to join the Barter Club on the Women of the African Diaspora social network. Let’s get what we need and want by trading our goods and services.

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  1. Hello BWIE, the following URL is of an African European woman blogging from UK who would love to promote life for young African Italians around Europe whom, she believes, are unheard. Hopelly through you she can get in contact with more African Italians around the world.

  2. Be sure to join the Black Women in Europe social network to meet sisters living in Italy:
    There is also a Facebook group for AfroItalians.

  3. Thanks for the info.

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