It’s not long now that I will attend the 1st Black European Women’s Congress in Vienna. This is a European Union directive with the main goal being the discussion of ways to improve the lives of black women and children in Europe. I’m all for that!

I recently learned that black women will be coming from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and USA to attend!

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  1. Congratulations Adrianne and crew at Black Women in Europe on winning the “Best International Blog” category at the 2007 Black Weblogs Award. I finally got around to updating my blogroll today and made sure to add you to the list.

    Will anyone be LiveBlogging at this conference in Wien (Vienna) and/or will there be video presentations or written reports that we may access online and download after the conference? Creating a digital archive of what was discussed there is important in the Information Age you know.

  2. Black Woman in Europe

    Hi Bill, thanks! And I will be blogging live from the congress. The materials don’t specify if they will have video/written reports available after the congress. I know two women who are attending and will ask them if they have video or digital cameras they can bring. Can you believe my digicam is in the States? And thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

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