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Black Business Women

As a black woman in a businessman’s world, we are often advised to get a little dirty and get our claws out. We are warned that it isn’t going to be a smooth ride. But once you arrive, and you must believe you most certainly will, perhaps you will be humble enough to acknowledge that those who underestimated you, now admire you. Never lose faith and walk with determination, the road may be long but the journey will form the woman you are to become. To inspire you here are a few testimonials and guidance tips from successful black women who understand the hardships that await you. Here are some of the gems they were willing to part with for the sake of your success.

Never Be Too Good for Advice

Take advice from where it comes from. Having more than one mentor is highly beneficial as people are all good in different areas and one person’s lack of knowledge may be another’s field of expertise. If the advice you receive has nothing to do with your interests, accept the advice, smile and thank the person who had enough time to stop and try help you. Always be appreciative of what you receive, regardless if it is needed or not.

Have Faith But Put In the Effort

Yes, have faith! But have the energy to do the work. Faith without work is futile. If you want to become a successful CEO be sure you put in the work, document your successes and don’t be afraid to take on daunting projects. There is no rest for corporate women and we must remain firm in all that we do.  

Grow as a Small Business Owner

Start small with the intention of growing. Each and every business had to start small. NetBet is one such company.  You can read more information about NetBet here. As you read, remember this is the impact a small business has when it grows into a massive corporation.

Give as You Take

Remember to give as you take. Paying it forward isn’t just a novelty, it is a necessity. When you do it you will be remembered for it. You need advice, guidance and direction but as you learn you can also teach. Lead the way by teaching, by giving as you take.

If you remain true to yourself and keep all your good qualities in check, you are already paving the road success. Being successful means many different things. Try at all costs to keep your moral standards up to scratch. Never falter in your beliefs, know that you will be disappointed along the way but know you will also pick yourself up and carry yourself over the finish line. And remember, you only have yourself to rely on.

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