Jacque Mgido
In the middle of a lessons with Jacque Mgido.

Last week was a week that I wish wasn’t a week at all. It was a test of a lot of things for me: faith, strength, and fortitude. I pretty much stripped my calendar of everything that was self-care: Yoga, meditation, and fun workshops. But I kept one appointment. I had to reschedule it because of the week I wish wasn’t, and I am so glad that I did.

Dark under-eye circles have been my companion since I was 9 years old if not earlier childhood pictures reveal. I came to understand that beauty sleep was not an expression but a requirement for me as anything less than 8 hours dooms me to the raccoon look. I know I’m well-rested if my dark circles disappear. And I know I am on vacation when my skins bronzes all over until the circles disappear.

When I discovered Blacbox and Jacque Mgido I found her orange color corrector and blush on her website. She claimed it was the key to erasing dark undereye circles, so I decided to give it a try. Concealer alone always looked unnatural to me, a bit of a reverse raccoon look. I never opened the pot but added it to my collection of makeup for when I would be brave enough to try it.

So when I opened my January Blacbox and discovered Jacque Mgido’s brow gel I happily added it to that same collection.

At the end of my lesson with Jacque Mgido.

My 20 minute make up lesson with the Hollywood pro from Zimbabwe was absolutely delightful and lifted my spirits at a time when they so desperately needed lifting. AND I learned how to brighten up my eyes (I have to work on my blending skills), with the added bonus of learning how to define my brows. I will admit, I’ve got pretty good eyebrows, to begin with. But after my lesson, they are proper rock star.

Thank you Blacbox for introducing me to Jacque Mgido. I will be forever grateful. Thank you Jacque Mgido for sharing your knowledge, power, and gifts with me. I’ll see you next time for false eyelash lessons!

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