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Hi, I’m Wunmi Lawanson, the founder of ZeeZee Flair. I began my journey with natural cosmetics when I discovered shea butter (by force) over 15 years ago. Coming from Nigeria, shea butter was a natural emollient that my mum and grandma would apply to the body for a myriad of reasons. One of which included muscle aches and pains. It was something that was laughed off all those years ago because there was paracetamol for that.

But this nutty butter just kept finding its way back into the house whenever somebody would travel back from Nigeria. Curiosity finally kicked in and the research begun. It’s anti-inflammatory properties is one of the reasons mummy loved it so much and why it’s one of the staple ingredients in most of the products we create at ZeeZee Flair..
My experience over the years creating body butters for my sister who suffered quite badly with eczema is what put me in good stead for the journey that is now ZeeZee Flair. The same journey was further ignited when I became pregnant with my first child, Zion and I started researching all the oils I was going to use to keep stretch marks away and my skin supple.

ZeeZee Flair is a company that was birthed from the love of the motherland and what it had to offer and has now grown into something that, to be quite frank, would have been selfish not to share with others.

Wunmi Lawanson
  • ZeeZee Flair Rose & Grapefruit Body Scrub
  • ZeeZee Flair Rescue Body Butter


  • Ivy Wild Edge Control
  • Ivy Wild Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray (for natural or relaxed hair styles) or
    Ivy Wild Scalp Soother Oil (for braids, twists, wigs or locs)


Liberty Godwin
  • RLG Cosmetics Anita B Palette
  • RLG Cosmetics RE2 Eyeshadow Brush

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