BWIE 2010 resolution 3

3. I resolve to make the Black Women in Europe™ blog (even) more helpful, entertaining, and informative.

Tara in the UK wants more business features and meetings.

Thanks Tara! I belong to several professional networks and will list a few for women in Europe here. These organizations are a great source for networking, seminars, conference, and other meetings as well as resources for developing your business and professional skills.

The International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International) develops the professional, leadership and business potential of women on all levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world.


* Promote the professional progress of women through all their career phases, from potential through the pipeline to power by mentoring, training and networking

* Promote sustainable professional career paths for all by working to disseminate information on innovative best practices

* Encourage companies to recognise the necessity of diverse and innovative management approaches by promoting women’s success stories (what they did new and differently)

* Raise the volume of European women’s voices by increasing women’s presence in the media and public life (conferences, think tanks..)

* We aim to create an online European network of 5,000 professional women dedicated to leading positive and progressive change for and through their organizations.

* The European network will focus on raising our voices, interconnecting the generations and sharing best practices and knowledge across Europe.

* National networks will focus on developing offline networking, training and personal development for women in their cities and countries.

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Today W.I.N. is an internationally recognized platform engaging thousands of modern women and an increasing number of men. Partnering and working with W.I.N. means joining the future, a movement that drives innovation, fosters diversity, creates inspiration, evokes learning and enables open and generous relationships.

There is a list of Black female entrepreneurs on the Women of the African Diaspora website in the Marketplace section. Be sure to encourage the entrepreneurs you know to submit their information for inclusion.

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  1. Great blog – holler back at ''

  2. I hollered back! I love your blog. Don't give up on your career path. Have you joined the Black Women in Europe social network?

  3. Great blog – holler back at ''

  4. I hollered back! I love your blog. Don't give up on your career path. Have you joined the Black Women in Europe social network?

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