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Kwanza Musi dos Santos explores race and citizenship in Italy



Watch another of her videos here or on the image above.

“Thank you, jus sanguinis! Michael Rossi, ‘Italian.’ Born in Harlem to an American family, acquired his citizenship in three months: his great-great grandfather emigrated from Soverato to New York. His favorite ‘Italian’ dish is spaghetti with ketchup.” Kwanza Musi Dos Santos and Fioralba Duma created this photo illustration to criticize Italy’s citizenship law based on jus sanguinis.

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  1. It does seem like the idea of the Italian identity comes into question in regards to questioning how the democratic process works in terms between the two differing countries, and how each process come to fruition within the context of political advancement. What works in one country may not work in another and that’s the dilemma most immigrants face in the present day.

  2. Are migrants from Ethiopia, Somali, and Eritrea still experiencing mistreatment and inhumane conditions immigrating to Italy? Are migrants still being held captive against their own will and sold by traffickers in Libya? Are there any recent stories or experiences describing a more positive experience with immigration since the mid 2000s?

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