Laura Bazile

Laura Bazile, Event Planner: B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary Shero

B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary

Black Women in Europe Blog™ 10th Anniversary notes:

I chose Laura Bazile to be a Black Women in Europe Blog 10th Anniversary Shero because she has parlayed something she loves into a career. She is an entrepreneur event planner who uses her knowledge of different languages and cultures to create memorable experiences for her clients. I first blogged about Laura in September 2010. She’s also a Shero because she manages the Black Women in Europe: For Sisters on Both Sides of the Atlantic private Facebook group. There she maintains the community ethos of “Sisterhood Makes Us Stronger”. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary she is sharing her event planning expertise and created a guide just for us. Download your copy to ensure your next event is a success.

Thank you for everything Laura.

How to plan a successful networking event for Black women in Europe by Laura Bazile

The good news nowadays is there is a wide array of networking events out there to attend. The range of places and types of events give us the opportunity to pick whatever we feel comfortable with. The idea remains to enjoy the whole experience.

The place, the language (to a certain level), and content available are no longer constraints. They actually represent what we, event planners, would build the event experience on.

As a Black women and an entrepreneur, I attend networking events regularly. Whether my purpose is professional (business connections) or private (looking for new hair routines or sourcing a new range of products), in both cases, I would choose the networking event that would offer the highest number of opportunities, especially if I feel I would come back with novelties or things I have been missing for too long.

When it comes to planning a networking event for Black Women in Europe, I would immediately jump to the marketing mix 5+P’s not because it is an lazy option, but rather because it would allow us to focus on quality, think big and be creative.

Your Downloadable Guide

Do you have any other P in mind? What would trigger your decision to attend a Black networking event?

Laura Bazile

Laura Bazile is an events professional, addicted to traveling, meetings and helping people. She is passionate about digital mix, live arts and design. Laura founded blufreelance, an event marketing boutique.

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