Women Finalists for The Black British Business Awards

Black British Business Awards

The Ground-breaking elite Awards celebrating world-class black British business leaders has announced the thirty-seven finalists of the Black British Business Awards 2016.

This list recognises the trailblazers and rising stars that represent the very best talent in UK plc. This year’s finalists are an impressive mix of accomplished individuals, ranging from the exceptional musical innovation of Chi-chi Nwanoku MBE, Dragons Den winner Chika Russell, world-class Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Miss Samantha Tross and pioneer Managing Director Carol Lake of JP Morgan.

Here is a full list of the women finalists:

Displaying Ade Hassan.jpeg

Ade Hassan

Displaying Alicya Sinclair .JPG

Alicya Sinclair

Carol  Lake

Displaying Carole Montana .JPG

Carole Montana

Displaying Charlene Brown.JPG

Charlene Brown

Displaying chi-chi nwanoku.jpeg

Chi Chi

*Chi Chi is a Black Women in Europe Power Lister

Displaying Chika Russell.jpg

Chika Russell

Displaying Claudine Adeyemi.JPG

Claudine Adeyemi

Displaying Dr Abeyna Jones.JPG

Dr Abeyna Jones

Displaying Ellenor McIntosh .JPG

Ellenor McIntosh

Displaying Hannah Azieb Pool.jpeg

Hannah Azieb Pool

Displaying Jenny Garrett.JPG

Jenny Garrett

Displaying Keisha Smith.JPG

Keisha Ann-Marie Smith

Displaying Leila Thomas .JPG

Leila Thomas

Displaying Louise Chandler.JPG

Louise Chandler

Displaying Marcia Boakye.JPG

Marcia Boakye

Displaying Misan Sagay.JPG

Misan Sagay

Displaying Najoh Tita-Reid.JPG

Najoh Tita-Reid

Displaying Patrice Baptiste.JPG

Dr Patrice Baptiste

Displaying Ruth Oshikanlu.JPG

Ruth Oshikanlu

Displaying Samantha Tross.JPG

Miss Samantha Zoisa Tross

Displaying Saskia Nelson.JPG

Saskia Nelson

Displaying Winnie Oudemans.JPG

Winnie Annan-Forson

The winners will be announced during a ceremony at the Grange St Paul’s Hotel in London on 6 October 2016. Major sponsors for this year include Baker & McKenzie, Barclays, Bloomberg, Microsoft and Thomson Reuters. For further information about the awards visit the official website: http://www.thebbbawards.com/

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