Everyday in the UK, African Caribbean women are diagnosed with breast cancer. This means that within the next quarter of an hour, another sister will be told they have the illness. Betterdays Cancer Care is an African Caribbean Breast Cancer Support Organisation that works to establish and sustain an effective self help Group. By providing, accurate, easy to understand information, as well as practical and emotional support. Betterdays Cancer Care has been working for 7 years to make a difference in the lives of African Caribbean women affected by breast Cancer.

Research has shown that certain groups of women may be at increased risk for breast cancer, or may have important experiences and needs that should be taken into consideration during screening, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship of breast cancer. While there is some information regarding Asian women, there is none relating to black Women? Women of colour can experience significant barriers to care for a variety of reasons. According to official statistics around 1 in 9 women in the UK contracts breast Cancer, a situation which many want to see change.

Learn more at Better Days.

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