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Source: Miss Earth 2010

Describe your childhood when you were growing up from 8 to 13 years old.

When I was around 8 years old we moved to a small village outside Oslo called Kløfta. The first few years weren’t that easy, but it got better. Being the only girl with three brothers was a challenge in itself. I started school and learned Norwegian (I spoke only English and Swahili before) and found friends. Being the only African family in Kløfta made it difficult and we experienced some racism. I think back on these years as mostly happy but with some dark clouds.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?

I’ve learned that it’s important to trust people even though it can be difficult and loving someone can hurt. I’ve learned that it can be evil and good in the same person and that we need to look at the sum of their personalities.

I’ve learned that you should appreciate people for who they are. I’ve learned that you should be thankful for the little things in life and to love and cherish your family and friends.

What is your most memorable moment?

I remember the first time I went back to Kenya after 10 years. I was around 15 years old and the sights and sound of Africa blew me away. I had forgotten how beautiful Kenya really is and I got to see a new side of the country that I never thought I’d see and after all these years it was great to finally see my family again.

What is your environmental advocacy?

If mankind does not respond intelligently to environmental threats, Earth would still go on, and we, humans, would be the ones at risk.

As we are on top of the food chain, we are also the ones to benefit or to lose the most from environmental changes. This carries a tremendous responsibility, and being part of the Miss Earth contest, I would like my time there to address that particular aspect, and that the development of these threats have come so far, that technology is one of the strongest options we have to solve this challenge.

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