You are invited to our Natural Hair Care Workshop led by Janine Van Throo on June 14, 2020, during the LET’S DO US! series created by Black Women in Europe (®) to be a part of our solution for surviving and thriving in these uncertain COVID-19 days, weeks, and months.

Black Women in Europe(®) Power Lister Janine van Throo is a natural hair therapist and a product formulator. She was born in Suriname ( country next to Brazil) and grew up in the Netherlands, and lives in Belgium with her 14-year-old daughter. 

She studied Business Informatics in Amsterdam and started to work in ICT in 1997. Her passion for hair care started in 2003, out of frustration and curiosity. 

In 2004 she established Sisay Cosmetics in The Netherlands. What started as a webshop quickly grew to be much more. In 2006 Janine started offering natural hair services and established the first natural hair care boutique in Amsterdam (in 2009). In this same year, Sisay launched its first product line for natural hair care. Two years later Sisay received the African Business Award, in Amsterdam.

Janine is a researcher and product inventor who formulates natural hair care products for afro, curly hair, and scalp care along with nutritional products. 

The NISH hair care philosophy and certification program was developed in 2018 and is led by Janine who serves as the head educator.


The workshop will cover the NISH holistic hair care philosophy with time for questions and answers.


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