No, it wasn’t the result we wanted, and, no, it wasn’t the nicest feeling, especially for the campain workers and volunteers here that have been working full out since early last spring (though we/they did deliver Peterborough which was 45% for Barack). For all the pundit and poll nonsense, we’ve seen what we’ve always known, that this is going to be a real battle particularly in regards to winning over women and traditional Democrats. However, my passion, commitment and BELIEF that we can do this, remains the same. We are fighters. We’ve earned a tremendous amount in this last week and I have complete confidence in our leaders/advisors to take this info and make it materiel for victory. Today I go into Boston to hear Barack speak at a fundraiser before heading south for a hectic few days and returning to the UK on Sunday. This has been such a fantastic, inspirational experience (which I hope to describe in more detail on the blog, but with the running around yet to do that might take a few days..). Not one tear from or for me. We go on!

All best wishes


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  1. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T

    nice blog, chk me out sometimes….I have another take on the primaries America…. poor mr or mrs next president

  2. keep volunteering and keep your head up!!!

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