1. Each Black European Woman attending felt a bond with each other. We were all sisters together regardless of our African origin or European location.

2. Every woman at the Congress made a personal and/or financial committment to be in Vienna and each one made a committment to reach out to other Black European women in their respective countries to spread the word about our network.

3. Emotions ran high as discussions and debates revealed our deep desire to participate in a dialogue about what it means to be a Black Women in Europe. I wept because I was so overwhelmed at the amount of abounding love, and the intense feeling of belonging. This is something Black Women in Europe seldom feel.

4. We left the congress feeling optimistic, stonger and empowered having set our agenda at the EU level. The presence of MEP’s, national and local politicians, and our very own Brenda King validated the need for such a forum.

5. The fact that our congress was covered by the Austrian and international media is joyful as it is one step in the direction of countering negative images of Black European Women.

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  1. Adrianne

    Somehow I never got your info. I wanted to send you an email re: the Congress’s blog:

    If you email me your gmail address, I will add you to the contributors in permissions and will link to your website.

    I tried to access the site you emailed me but kept getting an error message.


  2. Black Women in Europe

    Hej Genie, thanks so much for leaving a message. I sent you my contact information via your gmail, I hope you get it. And sorry about the error message. I sent you the link to get your invitation to the social network. Ciao!

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