Laura Bazile from France

When I have been asked by Adrianne to contribute to B.W.I.E™ blog, it immediatedly come to my mind that I would have dealt with it rather differently a few years ago.

Why ? because of …

Building your image online is common sense today, whether you are part of a company or being a sole entrepreneur. What is more insightful and interesting to notice is when it is time to open the door to something/someone new, different, using your image online is helpful. No second thought, you know who you are dealing with ; reverts do not disappear in the blink of an eye, but today’s social media use offer great advantages of transparency and unique ways of communicating about who you are, plus …

Focus on skills and experience becomes central part of the virtual experience as it is the purpose and/or the reason why you are here for. You will have to discuss, share, sell, collaborate …. around “what” you have gained, not only/always about “who” you are. It makes a huge difference.

Being part of a community means you choose your community and they choose you as well. The idea of community is proeminent and useful whether you look for people with common values or business relationships. Good news is that there are all types of communities and you will have the choice of “which” community you wish to belong to, plus you can join in many of them, as long as they are meeting your requirements as a woman, as a Black woman, as a Black woman into the business.

Creating immediate connections no longer need a hundred phone cold calls, a billion emails and discovering that it might be not the accurate contact you need to speak to. Social media do not give immediate right answers, but at least treasuring quality of contact when networking is quite appreciable most of the time…. leading to ….

…Opening the sliding doors and keep them opened for real discussion.

From France

Laura Bazile is an events professional, loves travelling, meeting & helping people, and is passionate about social media, live & virtual arts, and design.

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