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  1. Only 103,000 people in Portugal have black ancestry. Portugal was the only country ruled from Africa.People in Portugal are probably blacker than us.

  2. I have met some sisters from Portugal and want to learn more about their history.

  3. If you haven't read Allison's 1993 book, “Blacks in the Dutch World:The Evolution of Racial Imagery in Modern Society” you will love it. By quoting his name on your black map of Europe, you reminded me that Allison was at the BEST conference in Germany with Lily Golden from Moscow and I need to get that study that Yvette referenced in her remarks on Tuesday in Brussels.

  4. Angela, I haven’t read any of Dr. Blakely’s books but sorely need to. I would also like to attend a BEST conference. Be sure to give me a copy of the report once you get your hands on it.

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