Ony Uhiara

This is how Ony describes herself on her MySpace page:

Young British actress of Nigerian descent. Love all things creative. Graduated from Guildhall school of Music and Drama in 2002, the buisness is treating me pretty good so far and I hope for more “grease to my elbow”! Grew up in East London.

She is starring in the play Eurydice at the Young Vic, 66 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 from April 29-June 5. Call 020 7922 2922 or visit www.youngvic.org.

She has also appeared in:

The Bill in episode 313 as Letitia Watson.
The Crouches (2003–2005) – Adele Crouch
Doctors (series 8, ep 16) – Kelly Stone
Holby City (2004) – Amina Dukuze
Hunter (series 1, ep 1) – Chloe
Murder Investigation Team (2005)
Proof (2005/6) – Tessa Kuria
Rosemary & Thyme : Three Legs Good (2006) – Grace Oluwu
Waking the Dead (2003) – Janice

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