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The 2014 holiday season is in full swing and many Black shoppers are stimulating the economy and buying Christmas and Kwanzaa gifts. A 2014 Nielsen Company study reported that African Americans will have $1.1 trillion in collective buying power by 2015 (increasing to about $1.3 trillion by 2017). Sounds good right? Unfortunately, the NAACP has reported that only 2 cents of every dollar an African American spends goes to Black owned businesses.

So, why not do something different this holiday season and forego the meandering lines? Etsy, an online shopping mall, offers you a chance to spend your money at the many Black owned and operated Etsy stores.

Shopping on Etsy allows you to support Black businesses globally, as there are Black owned Etsy stores in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America, from numerous countries in Europe, and from across the African continent.

On Etsy you can buy everything from jewelry, accessories, natural beauty products, clothing, to art and home furnishings; and these products are often custom and handmade. There is another bonus to shopping on Etsy, and that is that you are able to speak directly to and build relationships with the designers and creators of the products that you are purchasing.

Check out the list below and make note of the holiday sales and discounts that these shops are offering.

Feel free to let us know any of your favorite Etsy stores that we may have missed in the COMMENTS.

Jewelry & Accessories

The Maasai Shop, based in Kenya, showcases very affordable handmade jewelry and accessories.

Salone Starr also offers a plethora of jewelry and accessories. Many made with Ankara wax fabrics.

Soul Art

Soul Art sells a wide and eclectic array of custom made jewelry and art. Seriously there is much to choose from here.

Ini Vibez offers a variety of afrocentric accessories. Want to make a statement with your wardrobe, then check them out!

House of Ofola is a London based Store offering affordable Ankara wax fabric accessories.

Afrique La Chic features African inspired accessories with a tribal vibe. Looking for something different? Check them out.

Face of Nubia offers handmade jewelry and custom woodburnings, that can only be described as wearable art.

Monabbey, based in Athens Greece has eye catching jewelry and accessories that are really affordable.

Bella Duafe has a lot of colorful and versatile accessories. The shop is offering FREE shipping on all orders in the U.S. through December 20, 2014 with code: freeshipping.

Need an eye-catching statement necklace or other accessories? Check out Ear Jeans.

Do you like to wear bold accessories? Check out Dare Accessories.

Looking for a unique gift? Check out the wearable art pieces at Peace Images. Discounts are available to those subscribed to their website. Subscribe at peaceimages.fanbridge.com

Lunaversoul offers just that. Soulful accessories that make a statement!

Razondalee Artistry features handmade knit beanies, tams, hats, caps, and more; providing the perfect gifts for staying warm this winter.

Boabw House is the place to go for handmade and hand-painted accessories. Which are painted in painstaking detail in vibrant colors, shapes, and patterns.

Ankara Statement

Ankara Statement is the place to go to pick up distinctive jewelry and accessories.

Eclectic Life offers just that, an eclectic mix of eco-friendly, repurposed, and handmade accessories. The shop is offering 20% off of all items until December 31st. Use code: BLACK2014.


GyvMeBody is a line of swimsuit, made for Real women with Real bodies. Accommodating sizes Small to 4X. The store is offering 20% off during the holiday season using code: SAVE20.

Infinite Art Tees offers unique and artistic shirts and more. They are offering 20% off all items this holiday season.

Kwaibas Fashion Place showcasing sleek clothing designs is offering 10% off any purchase (Tgiving14) or %15 off purchases of $100 or more (Giving15).

Sovereign Garments has unique winter ready handmade knit garments.

Aziza Shopping offers very fashionable clothing that has an afrocentric style.

Looking for a gift for a fashionista, but do not want to break the budget? Check out Diyanu.

Accra Ghana based Zoharous offers an array of colorful tailored clothing that would complement any wardrobe.

House of Afrika, based in Purely England, boasts eclectic clothing designs. The store is offering discounts with code: GF001.

There is only one way to describe the designs at Toronto Canada based ZNAK, Stylish!

Gitas Portal, based in London, is a true fashion house offering gorgeous custom made clothing with an afrocentric flair.

Jaalyi a modern African clothing line has some fabulous crafted and well-tailored clothing.

Tribal Groove is a fashion house offering custom made clothing in a colorful array of African wax print fabrics.

Ms Alaba features some of the most stylish designs, which can of course be made to order.

Need a gift for a fashionable naturalista on the shopping list? Check out Three Little Birds Tees. They are offering 25% off all items for their holiday sale. Use code: HOLIDAY14.

Design of Diaspora, based in Toronto, is a fashion house featuring chic afrocentric fashions.


Are you more creative than most? Well then perhaps, you are just looking for great fabric to create your own masterpieces and gifts. Well check out the offerings from these stores.

Tambo Collection has a plethora of fabrics to choose from. You can find wax prints, tribal prints, Ankara and more.

Art & Home Furnishings

Looking for items to celebrate Kwanzaa or other afrocentric home furnishings? Well then drop in on Heavenwood and peruse their custom wood pieces.

My Junky Trunk features funky, fun, and beautiful art prints, which would make Great gifts. The store is offering a BOGO Christmas Sale. (Buy one item at regular price and get the other one FREE), oh and shipping is FREE too! Do the following in order to take advantage of the sale: Just select and purchase any print at regular price, then when checking out in the shopping cart, specify which FREE print you would like.

DynaSmiles offers personalized party invitations, wall art, and stationary gifts. Their works of art, are sure to make you smile.

The talented designer at Afrikards creates highly detailed works of art – Afrocentric note cards and prints.

Soapbox Theory has some of the most charming prints and other items that would be perfect for the little girl(s) on your holiday shopping list. The store is offering 10% off all items through December 20th. Use code: blacklove.

thatArtista shop has striking art prints that would be sure to make any art lover on your shopping list happy.

Nikkis Grove, based in Paris France, has some of the hottest AFROlicious art prints and cards! Even more amazing are the prices.

The Bazaars

Looking for a gift for someone whose style is bold, daring, and provocative? Then head on over to Forever Audacious, which boasts a number of unique items.

Tribal Immunity is a store where one can find re-mastered and hand-painted clothing, accessories, and home furnishings.

Art by Cleatress offers a funky mix of handmade accessories and art prints

Soul Seed Apparel is a place to head for unique gifts. The store’s holiday sale includes

Check out Baobab Tree Jewelry Designs, which offers more than just jewelry, for affordable gifts with an afrocentric flair.

Zabba Designs has custom made clothing and jewelry, crafted shoes, and even an assortment of fabric to choose from. The store is offering 30% off the entire shop and $5 earrings and bangles during its holiday sale.

The Ila Designs, based in Trinidad, offers handcrafted beaded jewelry, hand painted clay earrings, handbags, and more items displaying the shop’s distinctive “AfroCrochet” style.

Menogu Designs

Menogu Designs features handmade clothing and accessories made from African kente and ankara fabrics.

Beauty Products

Royal by Nature features 100% natural hair, body, and face products that contain no artificial preservatives, colorants, or fragrance oils. The products contain 100% essential oils and the ingredients are sourced locally when available. All for amazingly affordable prices.

Nakia Amour

Nakia Amour offers handmade, all natural hair products that are extremely affordable.





Cherise Charleswell is a self -and- internationally published author and writer, activist scholar, radio show host and producer, as well as a model; who openly and actively pursues these various interests and endeavors due to her refusal to be placed “in a box” or limited by societal labels. She is currently working on the book projects: “The Link Between Food, Culture, & Health Inequities in the African Diaspora” and Walking in the Feminine: A Stepping into Our Shoes Anthology”.

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  1. Although this article is a couple of years old there are some amazing businesses listed here some of which I am familiar with. I would like to include my Etsy shop.
    It is Virtuous Creations
    I create beautiful hair accessories including Satin Sleep Bonnets, Hats With Coordinating Earrings, Hair Adornments and more. Thank you so much!

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