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Prissy Mag Editor & Founder Launches Black Hair in Paris Blog

February 26, 2012 Paris, France

Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen, Editor and Founder of webzine Prissy Mag, today announced the launch of a new blog called “Black Hair in Paris.”  The blog aims to provide readers with much-needed practical information and resources such as, salon contacts and locally-accessible production recommendations.

Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen
Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen

“At Prissy Mag we receive hundreds of emails from expats and visitors who need even more hair information,” says Lalisse-Jespersen whose webzine gives readers a unique view of Parisian life as seen through the eyes of Anglophones.  “I wrote a list of what we call ‘good’ salons, but people always wanted to know more.”  Lalisse-Jespersen also reports on new products and where they can be purchased; as well as other happenings in the Parisian hair care industry. Because readers seem to be interested in Lalisse-Jespersen’s personal experiences, she even keeps them current on her own hair care journey.  “I’m willing to play guinea pig if I think it will help others women solve their hair care issue!”

According to Lalisse-Jespersen, she started the blog because she couldn’t find any good hair salons upon her arrival in the “City of Light” in 1999.  She recalls the experience as being “painful” and led to her writing Prissy Mag’s most shared article entitled “Combing for a Black Hair Salon in Paris”.  Lalisse-Jespersen says that black hair is complicated because it comes in a vast array of choices — from the kinkiest curl to silky straight and everything in between.  Because of this women of color have a particularly difficult time finding the right salon for their hair care needs.  Soon it just became obvious that she needed a new platform in which to address these issues and blogging seems to be the right format because of its instant interactivity.

For more information about Black Hair in Paris go to www.blackhairinparis. For more information about Prissy Mag, go to For information on Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen go to her author site

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