I discovered Scratch of Sweden, a premiere nail care and color line during Stockholm Beauty Week. I fell in love with the owner, Marie Houston, during her workshop on how to care for your nails. Her passion was palpable and her warmth was genuine. You could tell she loved nails and wanted yours to be their healthy best.

Scratch of Sweden
Click on Marie’s image or here to see videos of her workshop and some Scratch highlights during Stockholm Beauty Week.

During her lecture she literally touched everyone when she placed a sample of her Nail Food product on our cuticles. It has been their best seller for 30 years. Marie Houston launched Scratch Nails in 1985 and opened one of Stockholm’s first nail salons at Stockholm Plaza Hotel.

Scratch Nails
Scratch of Sweden was featured during the
2019 Stockholm Beauty Week.

The salon received a lot of public and media attention. Right away there was a demand for not only products but for education in nail care. Being the gifted entrepreneur that she is, Marie immediately set about developing new products and creating an internationally approved educational standard to train others. From 1985 up to now, almost 35 years later, Scratch of Sweden develops its own products while being a trend setter in the hand and nail market.

Scratch of Sweden
Marie Houston taught me the correct way to file my nails, introduced me to her vegan and cruelty free nail and cuticle care line and sent everyone home with a nail oil sample and a full size bottle of nail polish during her workshop at Stockholm Beauty Week. The blogger bags included a signature Scratch of Sweden fan.

I have notoriously dry cuticles and they responded immediately to the Nail Food product. In 2014, it was nominated for an Elle Magazine Sweden beauty Award and I can see why. Marie’s Scratch of Sweden Brand won a Beauty Award from Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2011.

Scratch of Sweden
The Scratch Team at Stockholm Beauty Week. You can buy Scratch products at Kicks, NK, online and at their salons in Stockholm on Linnegatan, Drottninggatan, and other locations around Sweden and the Internet.

Made of cold pressed virgin sesame, myrrh and lavender oils, I couldn’t wait to try nail food and a few other products at home. Always one to stress education, Marie provides her customers and fans with a nail guide available in Sweden for download on the Scratch website.

Scratch of Sweden
I warned you that my cuticles are dry. I was not kidding.

After I removed my nail polish it was painfully obvious how dry my nails and cuticles really are.

Scratch of Sweden
Look at them now.

With a Nail Food treatment, a bit of shaping and buffing with Scratch’s own tools along with a coat of the No Yellow polish, my nails look nice enough to go it alone without any nail color.

Scratch of Sweden
Yes! No more cuticle problems! That is the promise from Scratch’s Hand & Cuticle Care Night Repair treatment.

After my nails dried, I treated them to an overnight luxury pamper with the Hand & Cuticle Care Night Repair.

Scratch of Sweden
It smells divine!

This cream is super rich and smells divine! I can tell that a little will go a long way. Made from lavender, sesame and myrrh oils like its companion Nail Food, the overnight cream also contains a black tea extract, Vitamin E, and jojoba oils along with other natural ingredients, each chosen for it’s healing properties.

Scratch of Sweden
A pair of super soft gloves come in the box with the Hand & Cuticle Care Night Repair. I chose to sleep with them but the instructions suggest indulging in this treatment during the day while you do other chores or work on the computer. I’d put on rubber gloves over these to add a bit of heat while cleaning.
Scratch of Sweden
Amazing results after just one use. The nail color is Strawberry Shimmer.

After just one use my cuticles look human again.

Scratch of Sweden
See, both hands won.

My left hand saw the immediate results too. In fact, I can tell this is going to be a treatment that will turn into a habit. I have always neglected my hands but no more. In addition to the cuticle treatments I have a hand lotion to incorporate into my daily routine.

Thank you Stockholm Beauty Week for introducing me to Scratch of Sweden and the wonderful Marie Houston. No doubt she knows what she is doing in the world of nail and hand care. She is creating products that work and colors that dazzle to use at home or in the salon and has been for close to 35 years. She is educating the professionals who pamper us as well as us novices, one hand at a time.

NOTE: US beauty lovers can purchase Scratch of Sweden online.

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