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Over the previous weeks I have spoken about creating products that will make you money based on what you know – but the one thing I have found is that when I create products based on just making money they usually end up being products that make money for a while and then I give up on. Online I have sold eBooks on all sorts of topics because they will “make me money” but I never really had a proper business. I just sold stuff.

What I focus on now with clients is making sure they are actually building a business. Something that will keep working for them years from now that they can build – and I am not talking here about building someone else’s dream like you do in network marketing, yes you may have a business but you only get a small piece of the pie. Yes, people make a ton of money if they manage to build their “team” (the majority struggle with that) but if something changes within the organisation over night your business can disappear. I have seen this happen. Years ago I had a “business” with an organisation called Dorling Kindersley who sold books. For my sponsors it was their whole life and both husband and wife relied on the income, they spent their time building a team of people and helping them. When DK sold out to a large publisher and the new owner decided not to continue the network marketing side of it overnight their business was gone. They had a few months to find something new and they went straight into another network marketing opportunity.
Having network marketing as a “side” business can be great but you don’t want it to take away from your main business of developing YOU as the influencer and authority in your area.

It is so important to have structure, a system and meaning in life and online it is no different. You need to come in with the mindset that you are building a business – not just putting together a few products that will make you some money.

Now I have highlighted both information products and membership sites as a way to make an income from the internet I just wanted to remind you of this important mindset part of being online. Building your business around your purpose or passion is what will keep you going through good and bad times. It doesn’t mean sometimes you won’t question yourself or doubt what you are doing – trust me I go through times like that all the time – and usually thanks to the people around me and the things they say I remember what it is I am here to do and get on with it.

If you are ever in doubt or wondering whether you should change who you are or what you are doing talk it out – you will find inspiration in the most unlikely places. For me it was through my friends on Facebook. One status message and I was back on track…. until the next time…. and there will be a next time, but I have accepted that as part of the process. The only way I know how far I have come is by stopping and questioning where I am going.

Diane Corriette
Diane Corriette helps business owners and professionals use the internet to bring in more visitors, leads and business. If you are an entrepreneur looking to build a persona online that will bring in work for you or a local business who wants to use online marketing to attract customers call her on +44208 242 4339 or via Skype at She is a regular speaker at events and seminars, as well as online webinars and shows. Runs training workshops in online marketing in London and offers a 45 minute coaching session for anyone wondering if the internet is for them. Visit

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